Upper West Side Beauty Salons

TwoDo Salon, 10024 Planetarium
210 West 82nd St. - New York, NY   10024

Salon Owner/Colorist Megan Gordon's creative talent and speedy technique is legendary. With her intuitive sense of color and years of experience, clients immediately realize they are speaking to someone who truly understands the art and science of hair color.
Scott J. Salon & Spa, 10023 Ansonia
257 Columbus Ave, 72nd Street - New York, NY   10023

A precision cut and style with the proper Aveda shampoo, conditioner and styling aids purscribed by our expert styling team will compliment your features and lifestyle. Our stylists participate in ongoing educational workshops to stay abreast of the latest in style and cutting trends.
Salon Above, 10025 Cathedral
2641 Broadway  - (near 100th St.) - New York, NY   10025

An Aveda Concept Salon.
Robert Stuart Salon, 10024 Planetarium
461 Columbus Ave - New York, NY   10024

Twenty-six years ago, Robert Stuart had the idea that quality hairstyling need not be in the domain of the arrogant and the pretentious.
Tired of the "scene" from his years working on 57th St., in 1983 he opened his first full-service Hair salon on Amsterdam Avenue at 82nd St., an Upper West Side neighborhood known more for Zabar's and psychotherapists than cutting edge fashion and hair salons
Lavar Hair Designs, 10023 Ansonia
127 W 72ND St - New York, NY   10023

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Ellin LaVar, the Hair Stylist to the Stars, would like to invite you to look and feel like a star yourself. LaVar Hair Designs is dedicated to giving you the treatment you deserve. Our professional and courteous staff is caring and sensitive to all hair care needs.
LaVar Hair Designs is a full service hair salon that specializes in hair extensions, weaving and braiding. We do traditional braided styles; braided weaves and the Hairlocs strand technique in private rooms.
Feline Day Spa, 10023 Ansonia
235 W 75th St - New York, NY   10023

Feline Day Spa and Beauty Salon. Spend a whole day relaxing with spa and beauty treatments, with facials, hair and nail treatments, massage, reflexology, oxygen therapy facials, body wraps, electolysis, waxing makeup applications.