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Brooklyn Bookstores+

Mekor Judaica, 11223 Highlawn / Gravesend
1973 Coney Island Av. - Brooklyn, NY   11223
Mekor Judaica is a mega Judaica store located on 1973 Coney island av. Brooklyn NY 11223.
Polish Bookstore & Publishing, 11222 Greenpoint
161 Java St. - Brooklyn, NY   11222

"We started in 1990 as a traditional bookstore offering Polish language literature on the American market. Very soon we realized how important it is to reach people that cannot just visit Polish neighborhoods in New York and Chicago to purchase books. We quickly turned into a mail order company producing book catalogs reaching the whole country and some Polish-Canadian readers. We also kept enlarging our offer: adding videos, CD's, multimedia, audio books. In 1999 we made our first catalog named “Poland Sweet Poland” where we for the first offered Polish gourmet products. It was a huge success! And it also gave us an idea for a creation of SweetPoland.com"
Ultramarine, 11217 Times Plaza
44 South Portland Avenue - Brooklyn, NY   11217-1302
An online/mail-order bookdealer located in Downtown Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood. We have been dealing in books since 1995 and living happily in Fort Greene since 1972.
Downtown Brooklyn is a fascinating place with a wealth of historical and cultural interest. It was the focal point of the Battle of Brooklyn (or, as some have it, the Battle of Long Island) and the departure point of Washington's famous retreat that saved American forces. The landmark Martyrs' Monument., which honors the more than 10,000 victims of British prison ships during the War for Independence sits in Fort Greene Park at the end of our street. At the other end of our street each November the runners in the New York City Marathon will pass along Lafayette Avenue. A bit further down Lafayette Avenue is BAM, the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Fort Greene is and has long been home to numerous artists and musicians.
St.Mark's Comics, 11201 Cadman Plaza
148 Montague Street - Brooklyn, NY   11201
"We also sell bulk and back issue to other stores"
Poonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers, 11211 Williamsburg / Williamsbridge
218 Bedford Avenue - Brooklyn, NY   11211

"Specialized in Used, Rare and New books on Contemporary Art, Architecture and various Design fields, with an emphasis on Imported or hard-to-find — but we also hand pick thousands of good books every month for our voracious clientele. We stock Literature, Philosophy, Cinema, Magazines and even baby-books, but the most significant factor here is the element of serendipity: you never know what you might find."
Got Judaica, 11230 Midwood
1265 Coney Island Ave. - Brooklyn, NY   11230
"A division of Hecht’s religious articles that was established by Rabbi Sholom Hecht in 1961, he is the youngest of six brothers, all Rabbis, American born to an American born father who’s father arrived to the shores of the United States in 1880.
We are a wholesale/retail Judaica supply house serving individual people, Synagogues, schools, Chabad Houses, etc. worldwide with all their needs. It is a family run business with Rabbi Hecht’s wife Joan, her sister Harriet, and Rabbi Hecht’s son Shea."
Bookcourt, 11201 Cadman Plaza
163 Court St - Brooklyn, NY   11201-6263

All BookCourt Best Sellers — Discounted 20% * All Hardcover Books — Discounted 10% * All Audio Books — Discounted 15% * All Boxed Sets — Discounted 10%
Babbo's Books, 11215 Park Slope / Van Brunt / Prospect Park West
242 Prospect Park West - Brooklyn, NY   11215

New and Used Books for Everyone. Book Trade on Sunday. Please bring less than 20 books. Store Credit for Used Books available.
Brownstone Books, 11233 Stuyvesant / Halsey
409 Lewis Avenue - Brooklyn, Ne   York 11233

Two locations: one in the heart of the Stuyvesant Heights Historic District of Bedford-Stuyvesant stocks a wide selection of classic and popular literature to include New York Times bestsellers, plus public and private school required reading selections.
Sifrutake, 11223 Highlawn / Gravesend
486 Ave. P - Brooklyn, NY   11223

Israeli music CDs, DVDs, VHS casettes.
Heights Books, 11201 Cadman Plaza
120 Smith Street - Brooklyn, NY   11201-6217

"Founded on April 1, 1999, Heights Books is Brooklyn's leading used bookstore. Located at 120 Smith Street, we stock an extensive range of subjects, including science, religion, travel, and literature, all carefully vetted by our knowledgeable staff. We specialize in art, design, photography, philosophy, and history. We also specialize in first editions, rare books, and signed books. We buy books, including collector's items and libraries." http://www.heightsbooks.com
B Emmanuel Gospel Bookstore‎, 11226 Flatbush / New Kirk
3009 Church Ave # 1 - Brooklyn, NY   11226
"Let Emmanuel Gospel Bookstore be your sanctuary. With a Christian atmosphere that immerses you in the presence of God, we are able to affect your conversation and interaction with others."
Pranga Bookstore, 11231 Red Hook
354 Court Street - Brooklyn, NY   11231
Buying and selling fine books, CDs & DVDs. Thousands of new and used items to choose from!
Zakka Corp, 11201 Cadman Plaza
155 Plymouth St - Brooklyn, NY   11201
A shop and artists' space, where you can find graphic art-related books, as well as other select items boasting unique design, including clothing, music, and stationery. With a branch office in Japan, Zakka highlights some of the latest Japanese subcultures and art scenes through its acclaimed selection of unusual merchandise.
Desert Island, 11211 Williamsburg / Williamsbridge
540 Metropolitan ave - Brooklyn, NY   11211

Books, comics, prints and stuff.
Saint Petersburg Trade House, 11235 Brighton / Bay / Nostrand
230 Brighton Beach Avenue - Brooklyn, NY   11235

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Huge selection of Russian, American and Ukrainian books, CDs, DVDs and souvenirs.
Word, 11222 Greenpoint
126 Franklin St - Brooklyn, NY   11222-2002

An independent bookstore located on the corner of Franklin and Milton Streets in the historic district of Greenpoint Brooklyn, features a wide variety of new books: literary fiction, non-fiction, gift books, kids’ books, puzzles and more. We also carry a large selection of stationery, boxed notecards and journals.
Seforim World, 11204 Parkville
4403 16th Ave - Brooklyn, NY   11204-1013

Providing the finest service in the industry.With over 20 years of experience in antique seforim.
Shakespeare & Company Bestsellers, 11210 Flatlands / Vandeveer
150 Campus Road - Brooklyn, NY   11210

Carrying Coursebooks for Brooklyn College.
Singularity & Co, 11201 Cadman Plaza
18 Bridge St. - Brooklyn, NY   11201

Singularity&Co. is a team of time traveling archivists longing for futures past.
Each month, bookstore members help choose a vintage, out of print sci-fi book to rescue (with the rightsholders' permission). Help bring forgotten 20th century scifi into the 21st!
Freebird Books & Goods, 11231 Red Hook
123 Columbia St - Brooklyn, NY   11231-1401

The club is an ongoing monthly meeting to discuss how novelists and short story writers (and occasionally filmmakers) have employed the post-apocalyptic tale. Among the books we have discussed so far are: The Last Man by Mary Shelley, Dhalgren by Samuel Delaney, Liberation by Brian Francis Slattery, Jamestown by Matthew Sharpe, Mara and Dann by Doris Lessing, and The Chrysalids by John Wyndham.
ComicLink, 11201 Cadman Plaza
189 Montague St # 915 - Brooklyn, NY   #8206; 11201
"A full-service, auction house and automated exchange for investment-quality Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and CGC Graded comic books and Original Comic Art. We specialize mainly in vintage comic books from the 1930's through the 1970's and original comic art. Launched on the Web in early 1996, we have established the strongest network of buyers and sellers both on and off of the Internet, leading to the widest selection of listings for our buyers and frequent sales at record-breaking prices for our sellers. Our Auction and Exchange services are used by many of the top buyers and sellers of vintage comics and art. New item listings and bids are posted in real-time, and Wantlist notifications are sent out to aggressive buyers."
Adams Book Company, 11217 Times Plaza
537 Sackett Street - Brooklyn, NY   11217
The nation’s largest K-12 educational clearinghouse for new textbooks, used textbooks, new workbooks, paperback novels, and reference materials.
The focus of our business is facilitating your school’s book ordering process. Adams makes it possible for you to order your classroom books through a single economical source. We can supply all of your school’s books on just ONE purchase order. No longer will you need to research which publisher has merged with another to get your books. Adams will supply any book in print from any publisher. You will receive ONE computerized bill from ONE source with a detailed listing of what was ordered, the publisher’s list price for the book, the discount, and your cost. Adams we make it easy, we make it economical.
Community Bookstore, 11215 Park Slope / Van Brunt / Prospect Park West
143 Seventh Avenue - Brooklyn, NY   11215

The online home of one of Brooklyn's Oldest and Most Beloved Independent Bookstores. You can use the "Get Books" section, a fully up-to-date commerce site, to reserve books at the store, order books to be shipped directly from distributors to anyone in the country, or just search around books in print. Want a book about which you can remember only the vaguest details? Don't waste your time searching around fruitlessly.