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 Brooklyn Fitness Centers
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    11238 Adelphi Grand Army Plaza
    11223 Highlawn / Gravesend
    11201 Cadman Plaza
    11215 Park Slope / Van Brunt / Prospect Park West
    11210 Flatlands / Vandeveer
    11226 Flatbush / New Kirk
    11236 Canarsie
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    11214 Bath Beach
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Brooklyn Fitness Centers

Lean on Me Body Works, 11201 Cadman Plaza
85 Livingston St - Brooklyn, NY   11201

"At Lean On Me Body Works, we aim to enhance self-perception by developing, fostering, and strengthening positive outlook and self-image. Started in Brooklyn, New York, Lean On Me Body Works is a premium personal training company that now operates worldwide. We offer the luxury of one-on-one services and individual attention while creating a non-intimidating, relaxed environment. With the intent of emphasizing improvement on an individualized basis, we provide both private and semi-private sessions." http://www.leanonmebodyworks.com/
A-Train Fitness: Personal Training Studios, 11201 Cadman Plaza
101 Atlantic Avenue - Brooklyn, NY   11201-5503
Rely on A-Train Fitness Personal Training Studios (PTS) for personal fitness training. From poor posture, to the muscle imbalances responsible for it, our personal trainers provide postural, body fat, hydration and LBM (Lean Body Mass) diagnostics, and will customize a personalized regimen that will help you realize your health and fitness goals. We design corrective exercise programs to correct postural distortions; pre-natal- for the mom-to-be, and post-natal programs - to get her back to pre-mom shape. Also available is one-on-one yoga instruction—contact us for details. Visit the personal trainers at our fitness center in Brooklyn, New York, for quality fitness training. Fitness Assessments When you contact A-Train Fitness Personal Training Studios for training, we’ll arrange an in-person consultation during which you will be asked a number of pertinent lifestyle questions. Our trainers will ask if you smoke and have seen a doctor in the past 6 to 12 months.(Before you begin any exercise program, you should consult a doctor to ensure that you have the physical capacity to tolerate strenuous activities!)
Gold's Gym Brooklyn Heights, 11201 Cadman Plaza
85 Livingston Street - Brooklyn, NY   11201

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At Gold's Gym of Brooklyn, NY. The location is a state-of-the-art facility with all the needed components to make your workout an effective and enjoyable experience.
Lucille Roberts, 11201 Cadman Plaza
540 Fulton Street  - Fulton - Brooklyn, NY   11201

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"Join us at Fulton Brooklyn the best place for weight loss, fitness and workouts for women. Located in the heart of Brooklyn next to albee Square Mall, great restaurants accessible by all trains and busses."
Lucille Roberts Pitkin Avenue, 11201 Cadman Plaza
1541 Pitkin Avenue  - Pitkin Avenue - Brooklyn, NY   11212

The best place for weight loss, fitness and workouts for women. Pitkin Ave Lucille Roberts located in the heart of Brownsville offering the community quality classes and brand new strength training equipment. Easily accessible from the B14, B12, B7 bus lines and #3 train. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Eastern Athletic Clubs, 11201 Cadman Plaza
43 Clrak Street  - Clrak Street - Brooklyn, NY   11201
Welcome to Eastern Athletic Clubs. Come visit the state-of-the-art exercise facilities, and engage in a unique fitness experience.
Eastern Athletic Clubs, 11201 Cadman Plaza
333 Adams Street  - Adams Street - Brooklyn, NY   11201
Welcome to Eastern Athletic Clubs. Come visit the state-of-the-art exercise facilities, and engage in a unique fitness experience.
Lucille Roberts, 11226 Flatbush / New Kirk
927 Flatbush Avenue  - Flatbush Avenue - Brooklyn, NY   11226

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"Join us at Flatbush the best place for weight loss, fitness and workouts for women. You can get to our location by 2, Q and B train. Stop by and get information about our wonderful classes and weight loss products."
Absolute Power Fitness, 11211 Williamsburg / Williamsbridge
750 Grand Street  - Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY   11211

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North Brooklyn YMCA, 11208 New Lotts
570 Jamaica Avenue - Brooklyn, NY   11208

A powerful association of men, women and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibililty. We believe that lasting personal and social change can only come about when we all work together to invest in our kids, our health and our neighbors. That's why, at the Y, strengthening community is our cause. Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors throughout the five boroughs to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.
Empire Fitness Clubs, 11209 Fort Hamilton
7118 3rd Avenue - Brooklyn, NY   11209
Most health clubs spend their time and money trying to be fashionable. They install expensive frills, brag about the celebrities who train there and jump on all the “latest, greatest” fads, which usually disappear as fast as they arrived. That’s why - if you join the so-called “trendiest” club - you’ll probably pay much higher dues than you have to, while getting much less service than you deserve. <br> Empire Fitness Club is different. Founded in 1991 and owner-operated since the day we opened, Empire is a chain of affordable, results-oriented and service-driven health clubs with convenient locations in Brooklyn, New York and New Jersey. Empire Fitness Club is not about hype, elitism or the latest fads. The fundamentals of health and fitness never change and that member satisfaction is what really counts.
Harbor Fitness, 11209 Fort Hamilton
9215 4th Ave  - Bay Ridge - Brooklyn, NY   11209

Quinton Treadmills, Precor EFX Elliptical Machines, StarTrac Aerobicycles & Recumbents, Stairmaster and Cybex Stairclimbers, and Upper-Body Ergometers. Nordic Track, Versaclimber, Concept Two Rowers.
Lucille Roberts, 11209 Fort Hamilton
430 89th Street  - Bayridge - Brooklyn, NY   11209

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"Join us at Bayridge the best place for weight loss, fitness and workouts for women. Lucille Roberts in Bay Ridge is located on 89th Street one of the busiest shopping centers areas in Bay Ridge just 3 blocks away from Century 21."
Ladies Workout Express, 11210 Flatlands / Vandeveer
1456 Flatbush Avenue - Brooklyn, NY   11210

Established in 1984 with a single location in Houston, Texas, the Lady of America Franchise Corporation is now recognized as the world’s largest chain of full-service, women’s only fitness centers. <br> Currently headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Lady of America Franchise Corporation has serviced more than 1,000,000 members in 600+ Lady of America, Ladies Workout Express, Workout Express and Health Clubs of America locations in 45 states and twelve countries.
The Little Gym, 11214 Bath Beach
8681 18th Avenue  - Bay Ridge-Bensonhurst - Brooklyn, NY   11214

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Children learn step-by-step. The Little Gym programs are designed to introduce your child to physical activity in a fun and nurturing environment. Our gymnastics based curriculum will help increase their flexibility, balance and coordination while also improving listening skills, attention span and the ability to follow directions. Your child will become more confident, more willing to take prudent risks, and be challenged in ways they never have before. With each new achievement, self-confidence and self-esteem will soar.
Dolphin Fitness Clubs, 11214 Bath Beach
2402 86th Street - Brooklyn, NY   11214

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Whether you need to lose weight, increase muscle or strength, reduce stress, improve sports performance or simply start to feel better, Dolphin Fitness Clubs have everything you need to help you to achieve your goal! Dolphin Fitness Clubs offer a wide selection of exercise machines and cardiovascular equipment, group exercise classes, qualified personal trainers, and many additional amenities to make your workout enjoyable. More...
Eastern Athletic Clubs, 11214 Bath Beach
43 Clark Street  - Clark Street - Brooklyn, NY   11214
Long Island Location State-of-the-Art-Facilities which include. Weight rooms, sports conditioning, free weights....
Harbor Fitness, 11215 Park Slope / Van Brunt / Prospect Park West
191 15TH Street  - Park Slope - Brooklyn, NY   11215

Over the years our members have benefited from several generations of interior design and the best exercise equipment our industry has to offer. Join one club and have access to both! Harbor Fitness clubs have recently been ranked as the best health clubs in Brooklyn with a 9.5 rating (10 being perfect) by CitySearch.com. Come in soon for a visit and find out what makes Harbor Fitness the best Health Club in Brooklyn.
Slope Health and Fitness, 11215 Park Slope / Van Brunt / Prospect Park West
808 Union Street - Brooklyn, NY   11215
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Maxim Health and Fitness, 11215 Park Slope / Van Brunt / Prospect Park West
193 North 9th Street  - Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY   11215

Maxim Health and Fitness is an independently owned and operated, premier gym in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our 14,000 sq. foot facility offers the area’s largest array of state of the art equipment from True, Cybex, Stairmaster, Strive and more. Our extensive free-weight area has everything you need to build, trim or tone. We also hold a wide variety of group fitness classes, such as Yoga, Pilates, Spin, Cardio Kickboxing, Hip Hop, Step Aerobics and more. Our locker rooms are equipped with showers as well as saunas, and our friendly, diverse staff enjoys providing a clean, comfortable atmosphere for you to work out in. So, whether you’re a pro who’s been working out for years or a “newbie” who needs guidance, we at Maxim are here to help you achieve your health and fitness goals! Stop by any time for a tour- we’re happy to show you around!
Lucille Roberts, 11223 Highlawn / Gravesend
925 Kings Highway  - Kings Highway - Brooklyn, NY   11223

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"Join us at Kings Highway the best place for weight loss, fitness and workouts for women. Kings Highway, one of Lucille's largest locations in Brooklyn, conveniently located near major transportation lines and shopping areas. We are equipped with the latest Cybex machines, offer 30 classes weekly, babysitting service, and sauna. Our professional staff is trained to help you attain your fitness goals."
Studio 54 Fitness Club, 11234 Mill Basin / Bergen Beach / Ryder
5322 Avenue N  - Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY   11234

In carving our own niche for our clients and your comfort, STUDIO 54 has created a workout space for the man and woman next door. We are not concerned with creating a reputation for being fashionable, caring for the elite or fad routines. <br> OUR GOAL is to make you as comfortable as possible in a spacious, well-maintained, up to date facility. You benefit from our caring staff, the most up to date equipment available and the cleanliness you deserve. We understand that the foundations of health and fitness don’t change and that a member’s final achievement is what really counts. Not only are we comfortable, we are affordable!
Lucille Roberts, 11234 Mill Basin / Bergen Beach / Ryder
1950 Ralph Avenue  - Ralph Avenue - Brooklyn, NY   11234

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"Join us at Ralph Avenue the best place for weight loss, fitness and workouts for women. We are located in the heart of Canarse near Georgetown shopping mall. We're easily accessible by the B6, B82 and B47 bus lines and there is also free parking on site. Don't wait another minute come on down!"
Curves, 11236 Canarsie
2118 Rockaway Pkwy.  - Canarsie - Brooklyn, NY   11236

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"CurvesSmart is the most advanced fitness training system in the entire fitness industry! We provide our members with a fun, convenient, comfortable environment where you will find all the support you need to meet your goals. The CurvesSmart Work-out takes just 30 minutes and includes all the components needed for a complete exercise program - warm-up, cardiovascular, strength training, cool down, and stretching. <br> You will receive a precison designed workout, moment to moment feedback and progress reports that will keep you motivated! The most recent study of 44,000 women using CurvesSmart demonstrated 21% more loss of body fat mass, inches, weight, and increase in muscle tone!"
Eastern Athletic Clubs, 11238 Adelphi Grand Army Plaza
17 Eastern Athletic Parkway  - Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY   11238
Welcome to Eastern Athletic Clubs. Come visit the state-of-the-art exercise facilities, and engage in a unique fitness experience.