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5687 Broadway
New York, NY 10463
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Down on Broadway sits a store founded to provide the very best in women’s clothing at a fraction of the cost. Mandee is a New York City clothing store which features the hottest and trendiest quality clothing while still keeping prices low enough so all customers are able to look and feel their best. Shopping at this clothier provides fashion on all levels with fabulous selections for either casual or professional affairs. The type of fashions available at Mandee include the latest in clothing, shoes, handbags and various other accessories, all with the focused intent of making each woman look and feel beautiful. This clothing shop is exceptional for budget-minded woman, especially in this economy – executives, business owners, students, professionals, if you have a Vogue fashion sense but are dealing with your paycheck disappearing before the end of the month reality, never fear, you can still enjoy New York City shopping. Along with their sister store Annie Sez, Mandee has gone beyond the conventional wisdom of day-to-day marketing and embraced the new digital world with e-commerce. Come and shop live at Mandee and see for yourself why this is Bronx clothing store is a revolutionary experience.

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 United States > Northeast USA Clothing

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