Greenwich Village+ Department Stores

    Kirna Zabête, 10012 Prince
  96 Greene Street - Manhattan - New York, NY            
Located on Greene Street in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, Kirna Zabete is one of the giants when it comes to searching for retail fashions from some of the most recognized designers in the industry. One you will find on their shelves is Alexander Wang, a designer who likes to incorporate classic looks with fresh and modern twists. The Alexander Wang Spring and Summer 2012 Collection catalog is currently available and many of the items are available at Kirna Zabete, including the Gia Zip Sandals and a wide selection of clothing items and handbags to freshen your wardrobe. Rachel Zoe is another name brand designer with a wide selection of products at Kirna Zabete. You can find a variety of clothing items below $500 if you are on a tight budget as well as the more upscale pricing range if you are looking for something more exclusive. In addition to the name brand designers, you can also find fashion accessories like sunglasses, scarves, belts, jewelry and much more. Kirna Zabete also has a line of KZ Originals which includes a completely unique fragrance. For all of your designer shopping desires, be sure to visit Kirna Zabete in Manhattan on your next shopping adventure.
    Kmart, 10003 Cooper
  770 Broadway - Manhattan - New York, NY              
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Be sure to add the K-Mart department stores to your list of shopping opportunities in the Manhattan area to get some great deals on quality products. An affordable option for NYC shoppers for several decades, it is one of the more popular Manhattan department stores. You can expect to find great deals here among all of the high-end, NYC department store shopping options. The K-Mart department stores carry some of the most recognized names in retail, including Martha Stewart, Jaclyn Smith and Joe Boxer, just to name a few. You can also find a wide selection of Craftsman tools here at affordable prices. If you are looking for Tribeca beauty products, hair care products like coloring, shampoo and conditioner to artificial nails and men’s fragrances, or even groceries at affordable prices, just stroll down to one of the original department store shopping experiences in America. Another option that you will find when you shop at K-Mart is putting items on layaway. This is handy if you want to purchase some items that aren’t yet in your budget. You can put Greenwich Village bedding in layaway and make payments on it for a couple months and enjoy the site seeing every visit you make.
    Pearl River Mart, 10013 Canal Street
  477 Broadway nr. Grand St. - Manhattan - New York, NY           
When you shop at this Downtown area department store, you will find everything you need from Greenwich Village bedding to paper products, Chinese wedding decorations to home furniture and housewares, and even Soho footwear; all at reasonable prices. Many of the products are custom made with the highest quality materials available. You can even shop at Pearl River Mart for some of your Downtown grocery staples like snacks, noodles, soups, condiments, a variety of teas to choose from and a wide selection of herbal products they keep in stock. Check out this one of a kind store for many of your shopping needs. The Pearl River Mart, located at 477 Broadway in the heart of Manhattan, is known as the first Chinese American department store in the United States. It has been serving customers in the greater New York City area for more than three decades and it continues to be a unique and popular place for shoppers from all around. But in addition to being one of the more frequented Manhattan department stores, it has also served as a way to build bridges between retailers from China and the United States, which has helped Pearl River Mart earn a reputation of providing a wide selection of high quality Chinese goods that everybody can appreciate.
    TJ Maxx, 10011 Old Chelsea
  620 Sixty Avenue - Manhattan - New York, NY              
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Looking for designer deals in shoes, handbags, clothes accessories and interior design? TJ Maxx is the Manhattan store for you. Deep discount prices makes for great shopping in New York City. One of the things you will find at this famous discount department store is a variety of Soho footwear. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated pair of shoes that will go with that elegant outfit that you own or simply want an everyday pair at an affordable price, you will find something that fits your needs. You can even find your favorite designer brands in the store and buy an entire wardrobe without breaking your budget. In addition to footwear, you can find high end Midtown clothing and fun Bling. Being just steps away from all the major New York City attractions, shopping at TJ Maxx is a natural. They carry a variety of men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel for you to choose from at a fraction of the cost of other Manhattan retail stores. With more than 900 locations across the country and several of them located in the greater NYC area, it’s a great addition to your shopping itinerary when you are in Manhattan.