Somerset County Fitness Centers

    Somerset Pool & Fitness Club
  1850 Easton Ave - Somerset, NJ           
Somerset Pool & Fitness Club offer personal training, aqua aerobics, cardiovascular & weight lifting equipment, 70-foot lap pool, swimming classes, Rock Climbing & Cross trainers.
    P.T.S. Health and Fitness
  1340 Route 206, Suite 7 - Skillman, NJ             
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P.T.S. Health and Fitness doesn't see fitness as a product, but as a passion.
The center's primary goal is to enable and inspire you to harness your own passion for being fit, and help you achieve and exceed your limitations. This goal is reflected in the service of the staff, the structure of the facility and most importantly, in its philosophy. At P.T.S. Health and Fitness, you can realize new heights of health, happiness and vitality.
    The Little Gym
  1335 Prince Rodgers Ave. - Bridgewater, NJ             
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As you strive to give your children the best foundation for success, The Little Gym® is here to help you along the way. After decades of research and hands-on experience, The Little Gym has more than 300 locations in 21 countries; all focused on helping children achieve a lifetime of success.
    Fit 'N Firm
  856 Route 206 - Mountain View Plaza - Hillsborough, NJ           
Welcome to Fit 'N Firm, a local women's fitness center located in Hillsborough New Jersey. The center offers a 30-minute circuit program (PACE), exercise equipment, and yoga, pilates. Zumba and body sculpting classes. Hours are designed to fit your busy schedule. The center opens at 6:30am Monday through Friday and at 8:00am on Saturday.
Fit 'N Firm provides a fun, non-intimidating, safe, and motivating atmosphere where you can build a support team, meet new people, and join together in achieving your fitness goals.
  1075 Easton Avenue - Somerset, NJ             
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Created specifically for women, Curves offers a complete fitness and nutrition solution. The Curves 30 minute workout exercises every major muscle group and burns up to 500 calories through a proven program of strength training, cardio and stretching. In addition, club promotions and events encourage women to support charitable causes, learn about health-related issues and forge lasting friendships as part of the global Curves community. -