Queens Pilates & Yoga+

Vitality Yoga, Queens - ZIp 113**
41-25 Bell Blvd 2nd Floor - Bayside, NY   11361

Offering a wide range of classes from relaxing and restorative classes to those that provide a strength and flexibility workout. You will always feel encouraged, motivated and happy in the class with friendly and sincere teachers. Helping you to awaken your own healing power and learn how to heal yourself and your loved ones. Create balance and harmony in your mind, body and your life.
The Yoga Room, Queens - Zip 111**
32-32 Steinway Street - Astoria, Ne   York 11103

"When The Yoga Room opened its doors in June 2003 it was a small, one room, studio offering only Hot Yoga and a few Hot Vinyasa classes. Thanks to your ongoing support, today we are offering 50+ classes a week. We offer classes to all levels, from the absolute beginner to the experienced yogi. Our highly qualified, certified instructors can easily create an appropriate starting point for any student in any posture. We invite you to join The Yoga Room community while exploring your personal yoga path."
Ma Yoga Shakti, Queens - Zip 114**
114-41 Lefferts Blvd - S. Richmond Hill, NY   11420
Ma Yoga Shakti Saraswati is an inspirer of the Yoga movement in India and abroad. She is known as Mataji - Revered Mother. Mataji travels extensively around the world, bringing the message of peace, harmony and good-will to people through the teachings of Yoga. She teaches yogic knowledge, to demonstrate the unity of Bhakti, Gyaan, Karma and Raja Yoga for self-unfoldment.
Dahn Yoga Studio, Queens - ZIp 113**
27-18 23rd Ave. - Forest Hills, NY   11375
Regular Dahn Yoga class includes stretching, breathing exercise and meditation. It is geared for all levels, easy for beginners to follow and challenging enough for the advanced practitioner.
Are you living your life to the fullest or is the stress in your daily life affecting you emotionally? Rediscover your inner power, fulfillment, and holistic balance with the "Shim Sung" Heart Chakra workshop. For nearly twenty years, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have taken advantage of the Shim Sung workshop to rediscover their true self. Shim Sung is a Korean phrase with deep meaning. It refers to the "root of one's heart." This workshop helps each individual connect with their core sense of being and understand their patterns of relating to others.
Divamukti, Queens - Zip 111**
Queens, NY   11103
Divamukti™ is a Sanskrit word translating to Liberation Day, meaning the day on which you attain enlightenment of the soul. Divamukti™ is owned and operated by Jessie De La Rosa, a Jivamukti Yoga® Certified Instructor who recently won 4th place in ExerciseTV's 2008 Top Trainer Competition in the yoga instructor category. Placing him among the Top 5 Yoga Instructors in this national competition.
Spencer Pilates Arts, Queens - ZIp 113**
108-12 72nd Ave, 4th floor - Forest Hills, NY   11375

The premier Pilates Studio of Forest Hills, Queens, NY. Spencer Pilates Arts specializes in group and individual instruction, on the mat and machine exercises designed by Joe Pilates. Pilates is a highly effective low-impact exercise that dramatically improves your overall sense of well-being. It is suitable for all types of bodies and all levels of fitness.
Pilates can be used safely to assist in recovering from an injury. The studio regularly has clients who have suffered from back, shoulder, neck and knee pain. Pilates helps to prevent injuries by developing one’s body awareness and alignment, in a way unlike any other system of exercise.