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BJ's Wholesale Club

137-05 Twentieth Avenue
New York, NY 11356
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Membership really does have its privileges when you shop at BJs Wholesale Club in Queens. Conveniently located on Twentieth Avenue, New York City, this wholesale membership club has many things that you need for everyday living and more. Because it offers products in bulk, you can expect to save a ton of money and cutting the number of shopping trips in half because you can get more with each visit. Looking for name brand electronics at a bargain price? You can find names like Sony, Vizio, Canon and others when you shop at BJs Wholesale Club. Whether youíre looking for big screen TVs, digital cameras designed with the professional in mind or upscale Bose speakers for the highest quality sound you will ever find, you can find it all in one place. Jewelry is another great department at BJs. You can find exclusive pieces that go great with your wardrobe or you can even bring in your gold and get cash for it. Use the cash towards the purchase of something exquisite or another department in the store. Shopping at BJs Wholesale Club is a great experience. From groceries to office supplies to computers and everything in between, itís a great place for everything you need.

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 United States > Northeast USA Department Stores

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