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Specialty Book Marketing


443 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016

We provide services to International Publishers, Manufacturers, Associations, Small Presses, Desktop Publishers, Distributors, Authors and Illustrators.
We specialize in the marketing and sales of special interest nonfiction books and intellectual property rights outside the commercial book trade.

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 United States > Northeast USA Bookstores+

Northeast USA Bookstores+ most visited

  1. facebook    Booktowne 171 Main Street, Manasquan
  2. facebook  youtube linkedin McGraw-Hill Book Store 1221 Avenue Of The Americas, New York
  3.     Librerķa Lectorum 137 West 14th Street, New York
  4. facebook twitter   River Road Books 759 River Road, Fair Haven
  5. facebook    Polish Bookstore & Publishing 161 Java St., Brooklyn
  6. facebook    Labyrinth Books 290 York Street, New Haven
  7. facebook twitter   Singularity & Co 18 Bridge St., Brooklyn
  8.     Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books 34 Carmine Street, New York
  9. facebook twitter   St. Mark's Bookshop 31 Third Avenue, New York
  10. facebook twitter   Mendham Books 84 E Main St, Mendham
  11.     New Jersey Books 59 Market Street, Newark
  12.     Eleventh Step Books 31 Haddon Avenue, Westmont
  13.     On Military Matters 31 West Broad St, Hopewell
  14.     Christian Publications Bookstore NYC 315 W. 43rd. St, New York
  15. facebook twitter youtube  Barnes & Noble Booksellers 675 6th Avenue (6th @ 22nd), New York

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