Lower Manhattan Department Stores

    Century 21 Department Stores, 10007 Church Street Station

  22 Cortlandt Street (CLOSED) - Manhattan - New York, NY              
When you are looking for a NYC Downtown department store, Century 21 is one of the more reputable Manhattan department stores for you to choose. The Century 21 stores have been specializing in high fashion and elegance for more than five decades and offer affordable prices every day. One of the specialties you will find here is a wide selection of fashionable clothing, as well as housewares, footwear and much more. Tribeca beauty products is just one of the top name brands carried Century 21 stores. Whether you are searching for quality eye shadow products, a new lotion for your skin or other beauty products with a trusted name, you can find it all in one place. Shopping for sheets and other Greenwich Village bedding items like pillows, blankets and comforters? Century 21 has several locations in the greater New York area, including stores in Lincoln Square, Brooklyn, Rego Park and Long Island. You can expect to save up to 65% off of retail on many selected items which makes it an affordable option for your shopping trip each time you visit New York City.
    J&R Computer and Music World, 10038 Peck Slip
  Park Row - CLOSED - New York, NY              
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Looking for a great deal on electronics is easy when you are shopping in the greater New York City area. Located in the heart of the Manhattan shopping area, J&R Computer and Music World has everything you need for your computer or audio and visual needs. When shopping for quality, you will find it here. Bose is one of the leaders in audio equipment and you can find a variety of products that carry this brand name. From headphones to MP3 player dock speakers and so much more, Bose products will last your for years to come and they have the best sound in the industry. If you are in the DJ business or thinking of starting one in the near future, this electronics department store has all the equipment you need for success. From the highest quality amps and receivers to professional turntables and the latest music software for your computer, J&R has it all for you at an affordable and reasonable price. You can also go “old school” by finding a variety of vinyl LPs and more so you can keep up with even the most popular NYC DJs. Check out J&R Computer and Music World on your next shopping trip to the Manhattan area for great deals on the latest electronics.