Queens Department Stores

    JCPenney, Queens - ZIp 113**

  Queens Center - 92-59 59th Ave - Elmhurst, NY              
Looking for one of the most beloved department stores in retail history for your New York Shopping spree? JC Penny is the right place. Recommended as one of the most effective and best organized stores in the chain, JC Penny, Queens is part of one of the leading retail chain stores in the United States. JC Penny currently has over 1,000 stores nation wide and its home furnishing and apparel is one of the largest and most heavily used department store sites. With its variety of private, national and even exclusive brands available in an assortment of ways, you can rest assured that you are going to find everything that you need and something that matches your style. Located in Queens Center on the corner of 94th street and 59th avenue, this large store also offers a Family Portrait Studio that makes it simple, comfortable and affordable to get a single or family portrait. If you are looking for a great way to capture this moment in time for you and your family there is no easier way than through the JC Penny Family Portrait Studio. Queens Center also features many other great stores and shopping is comfortable and fun.
    TJ Maxx, Queens - ZIp 113**
  6101 Junction Blvd. - Rego Park Center - Rego Park / Queens, NY             
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Looking for designer deals in shoes, handbags, clothes accessories and interior design? TJ Maxx is the Queens store for you. Deep discount prices makes for great shopping in New York City. One of the things you will find at this famous discount department store is a variety of Soho footwear. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated pair of shoes that will go with that elegant outfit that you own or simply want an everyday pair at an affordable price, you will find something that fits your needs. You can even find your favorite designer brands in the store and buy an entire wardrobe without breaking your budget. In addition to footwear, you can find high end Midtown clothing and fun Bling. Being just steps away from all the major New York City attractions, shopping at TJ Maxx is a natural. They carry a variety of men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel for you to choose from at a fraction of the cost of other Manhattan retail stores. With more than 900 locations across the country and several of them located in the greater NYC area, it’s a great addition to your shopping itinerary when you are in Rego Park.
    BJ's Wholesale Club, Queens - ZIp 113**
  137-05 Twentieth Avenue - Queens - New York, NY              
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Membership really does have its privileges when you shop at BJs Wholesale Club in Queens. Conveniently located on Twentieth Avenue, New York City, this wholesale membership club has many things that you need for everyday living and more. Because it offers products in bulk, you can expect to save a ton of money and cutting the number of shopping trips in half because you can get more with each visit. Looking for name brand electronics at a bargain price? You can find names like Sony, Vizio, Canon and others when you shop at BJs Wholesale Club. Whether you’re looking for big screen TVs, digital cameras designed with the professional in mind or upscale Bose speakers for the highest quality sound you will ever find, you can find it all in one place. Jewelry is another great department at BJs. You can find exclusive pieces that go great with your wardrobe or you can even bring in your gold and get cash for it. Use the cash towards the purchase of something exquisite or another department in the store. Shopping at BJs Wholesale Club is a great experience. From groceries to office supplies to computers and everything in between, it’s a great place for everything you need.
    Costco, Queens - Zip 111**
  32-59 Vernon Boulevard - Queens - New York, NY            
Costco is the unmistakable leader in wholesale membership stores. That’s because this is the name that was the innovator in this type of department store. In fact, this wholesale club took the idea of a department store and raised it to an entirely new level. The Costco store in Queens has a lot to offer for today’s shopper. This store is known for its bulk items and you can get great bargains on your food and groceries by purchasing them in large quantities. Browse the produce section for some of the freshest apples, watermelons, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables both out of season and in season in New York City. Sample the various demonstrations of products that this NYC department store has available to find something you like that you may have never tried before. Buy something as small as a few bunches of grapes or as large as an outdoor backyard play set for your kids, all in the same store. Costco is always renewing its inventory so if you see something you like, you should purchase it right away because it may not be there the next time you visit. That’s how the membership-only wholesale club keeps its stock fresh and its customers coming back for more.
    Century 21 Department Stores, Queens - ZIp 113**
  61-63 Junction Blvd - Rego Park, NY             
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The store will be open on Independence Day from 11AM - 8PM Score tax-free shopping in the Big Apple! Purchases under $110 are exempt from New York state sales tax.
    Target, Queens - ZIp 113**
  8801 Queens Blvd - Queens Place - Elmhurst, NY             
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2012 marks Target’s 50th anniversary, and we’ve never felt better. In the years since our department-store roots evolved into discount-store savvy, we’ve watched our innovations lead to retail revolutions, and our team, guests and partners build better communities where we live and work. So in 2012, we celebrate Target’s legacy with a nod to our past and a look ahead to exciting new things to come