Upper West Side Languages

    New York Language Center, 10025 Cathedral

  2637 Broadway (at W. 100th Street) - Upper West Side - New York, NY             
"Rapid acquisition of English proficiency is essential to compete in today’s global marketplace. Many schools take advantage of this need by charging exorbitant fees for mediocre instruction. At NYLC, we believe that quality language education should be accessible to all at an affordable cost. To meet this goal, we continually educate ourselves in the latest and most effective teaching methods, while working hard to keep student costs as low as possible."
    French School of NYC, 10025 Cathedral
  400 Central Park W - New York, NY
The French School of NYC is now Active French. Our new name reflects our expanded curriculum that will include stretch, partner stretch, Yoga, fitness, and wellness classes in French, open to native speakers and students.
Active French, where students play, act, and talk their way to fluency. Don't settle for sitting in a boring language classroom. Learn the native way. At Active French, each and every student gets to speak in every class. Choose a location, select the type of class you want, and register now before it fills up. Check our Calendar to see which classes are still open.
Are you looking for a French-speaking fitness coach, licensed massage therapist, specialized kinesiologist, or other service? Contact Active French . http://www.thefrenchschool.org