Mercer County Martial arts

    Northeast Academy of Martial Arts

  4054 Quakerbridge Road - Mercerville, NJ           
Northeast Academy of Martial Arts provides superior instruction in the martial arts in New Jersey.
    Wuwei Tai Chi
  15 Aldgate Court - Princeton, NJ           
Wuwei Tai Chi teaches Taijiquan (Taichi-chuan, Taichi) in the Chen, Yang, and Wu styles. Teacher Won Park specializes in the barehand forms, pushhands, swords and spears.
    Daddis Mixed Martial Arts
  2101 E State Street Ext - Trenton, NJ             
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Since 2000, Daddis Mixed Martial Arts in Philadelphia, PA (also known as Philly MMA™) has transformed thousands of students’ lives by empowering them with the tools to succeed, regardless of gender, age or athletic ability. Daddis develops and nurtures a lifestyle in students that brings about a positive change for the rest of their lives. Daddis Mixed Martial Arts teaches the most effective martial arts the world has ever known - modern, battle tested self-defense techniques that are unrivaled in the ring, cage or in the street. It has also opened up a brand new academy in Hamilton, NJ!
    Hamilton Martial Arts
  US Route 33 & Paxson Avenue - Hamilton Square, NJ           
Hamilton Martial Arts invites you to tour their website and to become acquainted with what the school has to offer. You are also encouraged to visit their facility in Hamilton Square, NJ, and observe or participate in a wide variety of programs and classes. Hamilton Martial Arts teaches adult and children’s classes and specializes in many different training styles in our 3000 square-foot, fully equipped facility.