Midtown Languages

    Zoni Language Center, 10001 Old Chelsea

  22 West 34th Street - New York, NY           
Five schools teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in the New York City metropolitan area. Main campus is conveniently located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan next to the Empire State Building --a short walking distance to Times Square and to everything that makes New York the greatest city in the world. You just can't ask for a better location than Zoni's Manhattan campus.
    Berlitz Language Centers, 10020 Av.of Americas/W48
  40 West 51st Street (Rockefeller Center) - Manhattan - New York, NY              
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Services include instruction in all major European and Asian languages and upon request lesser-studied languages ranging from Albanian to Zulu. Teaching people for business, travel, social and cultural enrichment. Also specialize in ESL instruction both to people living in the United States and to students who travel to New York to learn the English language and American culture. In addition, we offer Cross-Cultural orientation programs and destination services for ex-patriates and people returning to the United States.
    American Language Communication Center, 10018 Midtown
  229 West 36th Street - New York, NY           
"Located in the heart of Manhattan, New York. We are near all major subways, commuter trains and buses. Students have easy access to all of New York's many attractions: Central Park, Times Square, Broadway theaters, New York City's museums, and the Greenwich Village area."
    ABC Language Exchange, 10001 Old Chelsea
  135 West 29th Street, Suite 1204 - New York, NY           
Group classes are different than those at other language schools. Once started, classes are ongoing and continue to meet at the scheduled time and will advance as long as the minimum enrollment is maintained. Convenient enrollment packages (see packages below) that will allow you to customize your learning experience by continuing your studies until you reach your desired proficiency.
    Manhattan Language, 10001 Old Chelsea
  145 West 30th Street, 9th Floor - Manhattan - New York, NY             
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Manhattan Language Courses are taught by carefully selected, university trained professional language instructors who are always native speakers of the language they teach. Our courses are designed to give students the language skills they need to communicate effectively at work and in daily life. We offer group courses at all levels of American English from beginning to advanced. Each student is given a placement test to determine their appropriate level.
    Cactus Language Courses in New York, 10001 Old Chelsea
  115 West 29th Street Suite 811 - New York, NY            
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Cactus is one of the world's leading language training companies, providing courses in more than 30 languages, in over 60 countries and in some 500 destinations worldwide.
Cactus specialises in all forms of trainer-based language training for enterprises and individuals, from evening courses and language learning holidays to tailor-made packages and teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). Cactus also uses blended learning approaches, including self-study and online & distance learning, under the banner "Learn a language your way".
Founded in 1998 in Brighton (UK), where its headquarters remain today, Cactus has expanded to include a US division based New York. Its impressive portfolio of over 15,000 international clients includes Tesco, Microsoft, BT, Burberry, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Oxfam, to name a few.
Cactus boasts an extensive network of accredited language schools and teachers worldwide, setting new standards in language education. In addition, the company’s TEFL division is the only international admissions and job service for TEFL, helping over 1,000 trainees a year complete a TEFL course and find work in international teaching locations.
    German Language School, 10010 Madison Square
  24 – 50 East River Drive - New York, NY
Learning takes place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All classes are taught by qualified teachers in accordance with high standards of excellence. The youngest students learn through play, while the curriculum for the older students emphasizes oral and written communication, grammar and spelling.