Manhattan Martial arts

New York City Kendo Club, Upper East Side
Jan Hus Presbyterian Church, 5th Floor Gym  - 351 East 74th St (btw 1st Ave & 2nd Ave) - New York, NY   10021
Welcome to New York City Kendo Club, a place where you can enter the world of Kendo and enjoy and enrich yourself in this art. NYC Kendo Club works hard to offer the very best to vistiors, and accommodate the life styles of the working class, the school schedules of young students, and the commuting needs of distant visitors. Dedicated students have long used this gym to enhance their lives and to better themselves. With an always welcoming aura to guests and visitors, NYC Kendo Club's warmth and openness foster an environment that all can share. Students and teachers alike celebrate the 30 years of New York City Kendo Club’s time and dedication to the Kendo community alongside neighbors in NYC and around the world.
With the internal tranquility of Iaido and the expression of spirit of Kendo, NYC Kendo club provides a great opportunity to understand not only the sword, but one’s self.
Bond Street Dojo, Midtown
214 W 29th Street  - 3rd Floor - New York, NY   10001

The Bond Street Dojo (incorporated as New York Aikido Society, Inc., Inc.) is a not-for-profit organization governed by a board of directors elected from and by the membership. Instead of paying for individual lessons, students pay monthly membership dues. All students assist in the maintenance of the dojo.
Kokushi Budo Institute, Upper West Side
331 Riverside Drive - New York, NY   10025
Kokushi Budo Institute of New York, Inc. - Professor Nobuyoshi Higashi, B.A., M.A.
Harlem Capoeira Fitness, Harlem+
114th Street  - Harlem - New York, NY   10026
Harlem Capoeira Fitness is a community based organization committed to promoting the art and philosophy of Capoeira, thereby fostering in our students and the larger community the very values out of which this art form was born - self-discipline, respect, health, fitness and a sense of pride and empowerment.
Boom Fitness, Upper East Side
1438 3rd Avenue  - Upper West Side - New York, NY   10028

New York's other Luxury Fitness Club. Over 100 Exercise Stations, 10,000 LBS. of Weights, Ellipticals by Precor, Treadmills, Lifecycles, Group Exercise Classes, Spinning, Yoga, Pilates, Luxuy Locker-rooms, Juice Bar, Cardio Theater, Personal Training, Kick Boxing, Tai Chi, Free Towels.
Harlem Tae Kwon Do, Harlem+
236 W. 116th Street, 2nd Floor  - New York - New York, NY   10026

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Harlem Tae Kwon Do, located on 116th Street in Central Harlem, began as a far away dream for Master Malick Coulibaly dit Fall. With funding from friends and the BRISC, and a lot of hard work, the dream became a reality. The result: a new, modern training facility on 125th Street. However, after 2 years of dedication to teaching children and adults of all ages the value of discipline, respect, concentration, self confidence, strength training, coordination and self defense, Harlem Tae Kwon Do had to close it's doors.
Kingsway Boxing, Midtown
1 West 28th Street - New York, NY   10010

Kingsway Gym is a full service boxing and fitness facility. In addition to full showering and dressing amenities, Kingsway provides a complete compliment of training equipment for boxing and kickboxing including heavy bags, speed bags, double end bags, and two regulation size rings.
Kingsway also has exercise bikes and treadmills and a complete weight training facility. Whether you're just into fitness or you're a professional fighter training for a world title, we provide everything you need to do your thing and do it right.
Sword Class NYC, Midtown
520 8th Ave. (at 36th St.), 16th Floor  - Ripley Gier Studios - New York, NY   10016

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Sword Class NYC was founded in 2009, as a satellite school of the Sung Moo Kwan Kendo Academy, the largest school of its type in the United States. Sword Class NYC is the only school in the United States that offers both eastern and western sword styles side-by-side, encouraging exploration and discourse between the divergent forms. The official name of Sword Class NYC is Sung Do Kwan (in Korean – Seitokan in Japanese), which means ‘Academy of the Sacred Sword.’ Feel free to contact the academy if you have any questions about the school, the sword styles offered, or just want to talk about swords!
Renzo Gracie Academy NYC, Midtown
224 W 30th St  - Manhattan - New York, NY   10001
Welcome to Renzo Gracie Academy NYC, one of the finest places to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Here, you can take part in the Gracie tradition of BJJ, whether you are looking to continue your ongoing training or are just starting out. For all those interested in the Academy, an intro class times is offered, available on a walk-in basis. Our introductory classes are offered everyday, to fit the busiest of schedules. Intro classes held Monday – Friday and start at 6:00 PM sharp. On Saturday, the intro class starts at 12:00 noon. Don't miss out on this great opportunity!
The Renzo Gracie Academy is a spacious 15, 000 square ft academy covering three floors and is beautifully laid out and conviently located 1 blocks from Penn Station.
Kyokushin Karate New York, Midtown
284 Fifth Ave @ 30th St, 2nd Floor  - New York - New York, NY   10001

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Kyokushin Karate New York City is the only Headquarters- Direct branch of the I.K.O. Kyokushinkaikan outside of Japan. This school was officially authorized by Grand Master Mas Oyama in 1994 and Shihan Katsuhito Gorai was the last Branch Representative to be appointed personally by the legendary founder himself before his untimely death that same year.
Trinity Boxing Club, Lower Manhattan
110 Greenwich Street - New York, NY   10006

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All of our programs are based on a professional boxer's training regimen, with some modifications. These are not aerobic or circuit boxing classes. Our philosophy is that in order to get the full benefits of boxing, your training should reflect that of a professional fighter. This does not mean you will be drinking raw eggs and hitting sides of beef. It does mean that we hold you to the same standards we do a professional fighter. When you train, train to win.
International Martial Arts Center, Greenwich Village+
4 West 18th St. 2nd Floor - New York, NY   10011
The International Martial Arts Center is unique amongst organizations which teach the martial arts. IMAC unifies different styles of martial arts and teaches them in accordance with each individual's strengths. Here at IMAC we teach Tae Kwon Do as the main art but incorporate techniques from other Asian arts to develop a complete martial art system.
Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo, Upper West Side
1 W 72nd St  - Manhattan - New York, NY   10023

Whether you're a new student or a Bujinkan veteran, we have easy options for you to get started at Muzosa. Pick a class, have fun, and see what happens. Your first class is always free, and there's never any pressure to join.
Central Park classes are near the B/C trains at 72nd St., or near the 1/2/3 trains at 72nd St. Walk into Central Park from 72nd St. and follow the road down the hill as it enters the main loop. Cross into the park at the traffic light at the main loop. From the street you can see students training. Try to show up on time, since it can sometimes be difficult to find the class if students are moving around a lot during that class.
X-Fit Training, Midtown
28 West 27 Street, 12th Floor  - New York - New York, NY   10001

Using Boxing, Kickboxing, Core Strength Training and Sport Specific Training, Trainer Jimmy Fusaro delivers a heart-pumping adrenaline rush that saves you from the dreadful, relentless tedium of ‘the next ten reps’.
With a previous clientele of models, financial executives, professional athletes and celebrities, X-FIT gets you a kick-ass work-out, without lettin ‘em see you sweat.
All training is done ONE-ON-ONE, no eyes, no lines, no pretension– just a unique session that works for you.
Capoeira Angola, Greenwich Village+
104 West 14th St.  - New York - New York, NY   10011

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Capoeira Angola, an ancient martial art of African origin, is one of the many cultural weapons used to break the chains of enslavement in Brazil. Played close to the ground, Capoeira Angola combines fluid, dance-like movements with kicks, head butts, tripping sweeps and the appearance of playfulness or vulnerability. Music is played on traditional instruments to accompany the players, to teach the rhythmic heart of the art, and also to mask its power. In the eyes of the enslavers it appeared to be a joking and playful acrobatic dance, but eventually its power was realized and Capoeira was outlawed. Death was the penalty paid by those caught playing Capoeira during the slavery era. For almost 400 years Capoeira Angola was taught and practiced in secret, and only in the 1930's did this African martial art become legal to teach and practice.
Five Points Academy, Greenwich Village+
277 Canal Street, 3rd Floor  - New York - New York, NY   10013

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Five Points Academy is a unique facility located in downtown New York City, on the border of Chinatown and Soho. We take our name from the historic and infamous neighborhood known as The Five Points, which was located just a few blocks away from our landmark building.
Five Points Academy is an independent, member-oriented semi-private club staffed with professional, experienced personal trainers, who recognize members by name. Fully equipped gym, yoga classes, state of the art cardio area, on site massage therapy, dedicated staff, amenities such as laundry service make Five Points Fitness the type of place that makes one actually look forward to training.
Wu Mei Kung Fu Association, Greenwich Village+
219 Sullivan Street  - between Bleecker and West 3rd - New York City, NY   10012
"At the Wu Mei Kung Fu Association, we believe in the traditional apprenticeship method to train students to become the next generation of Masters. Classes are ongoing; there are no sections or semesters. The learning is never ending. There are no “mass production” methods applied to the training. Teaching is individual even in a group setting. Each student is treated with respect as an individual who is unique. That uniqueness is never lost. There is no attempt to make all the students the same. Movements are adjusted to each student’s’ body type and character. This creates the “naturalness” that is essential to all Chinese art forms"
World Oyama Karate, Midtown
35 West 31st Street / 6th floor - New York, NY   10001
World Oyama Karate is a classic, full-contact Japanese style of Karate. In 1965, Mas Oyama, Director of the International Kyokushin Organization, sent his chief instructor, Soshu Shigeru Oyama, from Tokyo international headquarters to New York to spread Kyokushin Karate world wide. Then in 1972, Mas Oyama sent another of his Kyokushin chief instructors from Tokyo, Soshi - Saiko Shihah Yasuhiko Oyama (brother of Soshu Shigeru Oyama), to Birmingham, AL to continue the growth of the Kyokushin style.
In 1985, the World Oyama Karate Organization was founded as an independent organization. It is directed by Founder Soshu Shigeru Oyama, and Founder Shoshi - Saiko Shihan Yasuhiko Oyama.
Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo, Greenwich Village+
390 Broadway, 2nd floor  - New York Chinese Cultural Center - New York, NY   10013

Whether you're a new student or a Bujinkan veteran, we have easy options for you to get started at Muzosa. Pick a class, have fun, and see what happens. Your first class is always free, and there's never any pressure to join.
Conveniently located near the N, R, Q, W, 6, J, M, and Z trains at the Canal Street station (Canal/Broadway), and only a five minute walk from the 1 train at the Canal Street station (Canal/Varick).
Yip Pui Martial Arts Center, Greenwich Village+
440 Lafayette Street, studio 4F  - Lafayette Street - New York, NY   10003
Like so many Kung Fu disciplines, Wing Chun is a very old fighting system, shrouded in secrecy and passed on to only a select few. It was virtually unknown in the west until the 1960s, when Yip Man - the legendary teacher of Bruce Lee - revealed it to the public. Grandmaster Yip Man - who has been deemed one of the most influential Martial Artists of the 20th century by Inside Kung Fu magazine - had other renowned students, including his eldest son Yip Chun. This is the heritage of Sifu Yip Pui (Terence), Yip Chun's most senior student teaching in the United States. Yip Pui Martial Arts Center in New York City offers an opportunity to study uncompromised Kung Fu as it has been passed from Master to son to senior student.
VFitness, Midtown
124 East 40th Street, Suite 603  - New York - New York, NY   10016

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VFitness is a 5-year old personal training service in New York City. The company was started by Head Trainer, Victor Rojas from his passion in weight lifting, power lifting, healthy eating and boxing.
Victor, himself, created a customized program to help himself and started his journey for physical fitness at the age of 15, losing over 100 pounds in one year.
Since then, he has spent the last 15 years studying weight lifting, power lifting, boxing and various martial arts in which he developed an eclectic form of training which has proven to be the best form of losing weight, improving athleticism, and overall optimal physical health.
Church Street Boxing Gym, Lower Manhattan
25 Park Place - New York, NY   10007

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Unlike other gyms Church Street is the only gym in the area that has a coaching staff completely comprised of competitive (or formally competitive) athletes who have the experience and "know how" to ensure that you will benefit from working with the best.
Whether you are a complete novice or a professional fighter the Church Street Boxing Gym has a program, the expertise and facilites to help you attain your goals.
D-Dojo, Midtown
151 West 26th Street, 5th Floor - New York, NY   10001
D-Dojo is an officially recognized branch of Shotokan Karate-do International Federation, the most reputable and recognized karate organization in the world, which allows members to get internationally certified and to be recognized by thousands of dojos throughout the entire globe. D-Dojo has been established by the former World and National Karate Champion Igor Dyachenko 4th Dan.
Mendez Boxing, Midtown
25 West 26th Street, 5th floor  - New York - New York, NY   10010

One of the premier boxing clubs on the East Coast, Mendez boxing trains professionals and amateurs, "white collar" boxers and individuals looking to get and stay in shape. All of our trainers are skilled professional and amateur trainers with over 30 years of fight experience. All clients will 4receive carefully supervised instruction.
In the past, you would mostly find only professional fighters training in a boxing gym; but that landscape has changed dramatically. Nowadays you are likely to also find fitness enthusiasts in a boxing gym, and not only men. Women, more and more, are enjoying the great conditioning benefits that boxing affords them. Children are also welcome to train.
Gotham Taekwon-Do, Upper East Side
328 East 61st Street, 3rd Floor - New York, NY   10021

Providing quality martial arts instruction to each and every student. Gotham Taekwon-Do places a strong emphasis on improving mind and body. Learning and self-discipline are very important. Anyone who has the desire to become a good martial artist and a better individual is welcome.
Undisputed Corp, Midtown
34 East 23rd St., 2nd Floor - New York, NY   10010
From a very young age Charlie "The Cream" Cassis knew being a fighter would be his life. It has been a life long dream to open a gym where he could share his knowledge of phtsical fitness coupled with his knowledge of health with the public.
Now after 3 Proferssional Kick Boxing World Championships Titles in 3 different weight classes (PKF Cruiserweight Champion, WKO World Cruiserweight Champion, PKF Super Crusierweight World Champion Title) and an undefeated record he has been fulfilling his dream.
Inwood Boxing, Harlem+
651 Academy Street - New York, NY   10034
Regulation Size Ring, professional trainers & coaches, heavy-bags, speed-bags, bikes, treadmills, elipticals, free-weights, lockers, showers.
Masters Program - Training for Golden Gloves, Metro Games, Ringside, Professional, Management and Promotion.